Predator Free Franklin is the hub for a growing number of community led projects in the Franklin area. Our part of New Zealand is still blessed with remnants of the natural treasures once widespread in this area.

Our native flora and fauna are under continual pressure from introduced species with many on the brink of extinction. Fortunately public awareness and technological break throughs are quickly turning the tide.

Whats on:

  • Trees for Survival planting day, Awhitu peninsula

    August 18, 2020  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Raaymakers – View Road School, 76 Craig Road, Pollok, Auckland

    Come along to View Road School, help kids learn about planting trees, and leave a legacy for their future. This school doesn’t typically don’t get many adults along to their planting days, so your presence will be very welcome.

    There will be little red “Trees for Survival” signs set out to guide you all the way up from Craig Road. The kids will arrive around  9.00 – 9.30.
    Please bring:

    • A spade, if you have one.
    • Gumboots or sturdy waterproof shoe.
    • Something warm to wear, but dress in layers, as it might get hot.
    • A drink bottle
    • A snack if you need it. (Lunch will be provided, but it can be a few hours of planting).

    The idea of this day is that the kids are at the centre of the planting, so the best way to help is buddy up with a kid and dig the hole and they plant the tree. Although sometimes the kids like to do it all themselves! Be ready to be flexible and work alongside the kids and encourage them.

    This planting day is organised by Trees for Survival, a charity that helps schools learn about native trees. The kids receive the seedlings to plant in pots, then they care for them until the trees are ready to plant between June and September.

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  • Pest control Hub Day, Waiau Pa

    September 6, 2020  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Waiau Pa Hall - Corner of Mckenzie & Waiai Pa Road, Clarks Beach, Auckland

    Come and get your free pest control stuff! Lots of different options available to suit every household, lifestyle block or farm, along with friendly advice and best trapping tips. 

    Pest control supplies that will be available include:

    • Rat kill traps – Easy to set plastic "Snap-E" type.
    • Possum kill traps – NEW "Flipping Timmy", works out of reach of dogs and kids.
    • Pied Piper rat bait stations - No bait can fall out. Protects bait from pets and rain.
    • Mini Philproof possum/rat bait stations - The most effective pest control for larger blocks.
    • Various rat & possum bait options.

    Also demonstrations of the free app - log your pest kills using your phone, ipad or computer, track your kills and see if you're beating the neighbours or not.

    Please register on Trap.NZ before the hub day, you can find easy instructions here.

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