Welcome to Predator free Clarks Beach.

Get a trap, catch a rat, save a life. Make a difference.

On the edge to the Manukau – we’re blessed with an abundance of birdlife. We’ve lost so much from our land – with your help – we can bring back bellbirds, bittern, saddleback, and (my personal favourite the fernbird). Or just kill the rats!

Kaka are currently living 13km from Clarks Beach. We’ll know when they arrive. With your help – when they do move – they will have a safe space away from the rats, stoats, ferrets, possums.

The project area covers Clarks Beach, Waiau Pa, Waiau beach. The main focus of the project is reducing the numbers of introduced predators to allow our wildlife to flourish.

Paul Arthur – nz.paularthur@gmail.com

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