The beasts of Karioitahi

Karioitahi was largely cleared of natural habitat in the late 20th century to make way for our agricultural land, fortunately some pockets still coexist, and replanting of unproductive areas is now taking place. These small pockets are very much capable of supporting our celebrated endemic species, along with our game birds and a few fallow […]

Dabchick vs Ferret

We’ve been lucky enough to have a Dabchick nesting on one of the ponds around Whiriwhiri. They’re a cool little bird, renowned for carrying their young on their back’s. They’re not renowned for being able to defend themselves from death machines like cats and mustelids. With an estimated 2,000 of these left they are considered […]

Double Tap

New Bait – Double Tap A few of us have been trying out the latest bait from Connovation. Double Tap. This is an excellent addition to pest control options and we have been finding that both rats & possums love it. It provides an excellent alternative to Pest Off which has the active ingredient brodifacaum. […]

Otaua Silver Enviro School

After a lot of hard work over the last few years Otaua School was last week awarded Silver status as an Enviro School. The significance of this was highlighted by the those in attendance, two Waikato Region Councillors and the Mayor himself. From composting, to large scale vegetable production, a Trees for Survival nursery and […]