The beasts of Karioitahi

Karioitahi was largely cleared of natural habitat in the late 20th century to make way for our agricultural land, fortunately some pockets still coexist, and replanting of unproductive areas is now taking place. These small pockets are very much capable of supporting our celebrated endemic species, along with our game birds and a few fallow […]

Trail Cameras: The Unsung Heroes in Pest Control

Trail cameras are a piece of arsenal in the pest control kit that aren’t as widely used as they could be. Despite not actively trapping pests, they help identify target species and locations for more efficient trapping. Cameras also indicate the presence of species to avoid catching, such as domestic cats or pukeko who often […]

Ruru’s about

A few of us carried out 5 ruru/morepork surveys in the early evenings last month. We had a great turnout for the Patumahoe / Henry’s Bush walk and enclosed are some of the ruru team. The ruru were not quite so plentiful with only 1 being heard. We had a great evening walk with a […]