We’ve been lucky enough to have a Dabchick nesting on one of the ponds around Whiriwhiri. They’re a cool little bird, renowned for carrying their young on their back’s. They’re not renowned for being able to defend themselves from death machines like cats and mustelids.

With an estimate 2,000 of these left they are considered highly endangered, so seeing them locally is a really good thing.

A few weeks ago we noticed a duck had been torn to bits on the pond edge so the Landowner bought a live capture cage and put it out nearby. He used some rabbit for bait but also a new long life lure dispenser with egg mayo to keep the trap inviting. We’ve not tried this set up before but are now pleased to say it works. Below is a young buck ferret who arrived within two weeks.

Whiriwhiri Ferret
Young Whiriwhiri buck ferret.

Where there is one you’ll generally have a whole family so we’ve now set more traps on the same spot.. fingers crossed we can get all these little death machines over the next week or two.

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