New Bait – Double Tap

A few of us have been trying out the latest bait from Connovation. Double Tap. This is an excellent addition to pest control options and we have been finding that both rats & possums love it.

It provides an excellent alternative to Pest Off which has the active ingredient brodifacaum. Both baits take out rats and possums as a single feed lure. Brodifacaum is much more persisitent in the environment and has a very long half life. This potentially means it can build up over time in the environment and cause poisoning issues with hungry dogs eating possum carcasses. Balanced against this is that it is very effective as a secondary kill with stoats, weasels and ferrets. Tests have shown it deteriorates well when composted.

Double Tap on the other hand breaks down quickly and there are a lot less secondary poisoning risks. It has 2 active ingredients. Diphacinone which is a first generation blood thinner. Combined with Colicalciferol, (vitamin D) in much lower levels when compared when used solely as the toxin. 7.5% of standard colicalciferol bait.