Bombay Bait and Trap day

Pest Education, Bait and Trap Day, Sunday 18th August, 9am – 11am, Bombay War Memorial Carpark, 39 Paparata Rd. If the weather turns, you will find us at the Rugby Club.

Kia ora trappers!

We will be in Bombay on Sunday 18th August, from 9am – 11am, with a bait and trap day. We’ll be onsite to help you with materials and advice to get you started on your predator control journey.

The Bombay Community Group would love nothing more than to help out and start you on your journey in making New Zealand predator free so our native birds can survive and thrive. We can only do this with your help, by working together.

Our funding is thanks to a number of sources which a small group of people apply for with incredible dedication annually. We are competing with other groups in New Zealand for these funds, who all carry out incredible mahi. Due to high demand from the community, we ask for help in paying it forward by giving a donation.

As an indication of the approximate cost of pest control materials:

  • 10kg Pestoff costs $56.95
  • A white Philproof bait station costs $14.25
  • A black Pied Piper bait station costs $17.78
  • A Flipping Timmy possum trap costs $58.32

And these prices are without GST!

If you would like to help us keep moving forward, donations can be made to:

Te Ara Hīkoi Trust

If you do make a donation over $5.00 you can email for a tax invoice. We are also open to accepting cash donations on the day.

Any donations (gratefully received) will be used entirely in the purchase of further predator control materials to aid those less able to afford their own. By giving out predator control materials our aim is to reduce the barriers between landowners and effective, consistent pest control – cost being one of them.

We also welcome any returned materials, or donations of new or second-hand predator control materials. If you took too much bait, or don’t feel confident setting a trap that you took home, we would love to see it back no questions asked. These resources are best used in the community rather than collecting cobwebs in a shed.

Finally, we’d like to thank you all for your ongoing support of the mahi we do. It’s what keeps the ball rolling forward.

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Aug 18 2024


9:00 am - 11:00 am


Bombay War Memorial Carpark
39 Paparata Road
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