Free bait and trap day at Farrell’s Nursery on 1st Dec – contactless!

Whoops!  The date was wrong on the last email, and I’m very embarrassed by that.
Our free bait and trap day is actually on Wednesday 1st Dec 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. at Farrell’s Nursery, 46 Pollock Rd, Pukekohe.

We’ve ordered fresh supplies, they’re stacked high, and we’re back bigger than ever.  Tell your friends and neighbours it’s all on again, free and safe.

Due to the Covid lockdown, this event will be run contactlessly, so please follow the guidelines below:

1. Prepare your pest shopping list in advance. Decide what you want and how many of each.  If you coordinate pest control with your neighbours, get together and make a group list and pick one person to go and get everything for the group.  See our list of supplies below for what we’ll have on the day.

2. Write out your shopping list in big clear letters on a piece of A4 paper.  At the bottom of the shopping list, write your name, address and email in block capitals.

3. Drive to Farrell’s nursery and follow the traffic directions in the car park.

4. Stay in your car with the window closed. (Have a mask ready in case you need to hop out). A friendly member of our team will come to your car window. Hold up your shopping list against the window and they will photograph it so they can make up your order.

5. Drive to the pick-up point and collect your order.

6. Drive home with your stash and get back into munting pests!

Pest control supplies that will be available:

• “Double Tap” rat and possum bait in plastic pails.
• “Pestoff” rat and possum bait in tough paper bags.
• Rat traps – various kinds including “Snap-e”, “Victor” and “T-Rex”
• Tunnel for “T-Rex” rat traps – holds two “T-Rex” traps in a secure tunnel that pets can’t access.
• Possum traps – “Flipping Timmy”, easy for anyone to set, works out of reach of dogs and kids.
• Pied Piper rat bait stations – No bait can fall out. Protects bait from pets and rain.
• White Philproof possum/rat bait stations – The most effective pest control for larger blocks.
• Connovation blue lure. A sweet, waterproof, cinnamon paste. Use as a lure or prefeed to attract possums and rodents to traps and bait stations.
• Connovation eggsellent lure with salmon oil. Highly attractive to possums, rats, and stoats, put it in and around traps to lure them in.
• Lockable rat bait stations – for people doing volunteer pest control in public spaces.

Register up on the app – log your pest kills using your phone, ipad or computer, track your kills and see if you’re beating the neighbours! You can download it from your phone’s app store for free, or go to the Predator Free Franklin home page and click on your area on the map, then follow the steps to join your local TrapNZ project. You’ll need to set up a username and password.

A big shout out to Farrell’s Nursery for letting us use their premises, and to both Auckland Council and Franklin Local Board for funding all these pest control materials just for you.

The event is finished.

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Dec 01 2021


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Farrell's Nursery
46 Pollock Road, Pukekohe


Andrew Sinclair

Other Organizers

Catherine Bircher
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