Shooting - By far the most effective means is shooting. It can be as simple as a head torch and high powered air rifle. See our shooting tips for advice.

Trapping - Particularly useful in urban and semi-rural areas. Trapping has come a long way in recent years with better equipment, long life lures, multi-kill traps and even remote monitoring via phone apps.

Baiting - Possums are large robust animals and the baits required to knock them down for the most part require special licensing. There are options with non-licensed products however.

Rats are easy to get rid of but they breed up again very fast. With our warm climate rats can breed year round and with unlimited food two rats have the potential to become 8,000 rats in one year. In our favour is the fact they don't travel far from their nests (35m radius) so with constant control in place they can be easily managed. Ensure the neighbours are doing the same and you'll be rat free.

Traps - Traps are a good way to control rats on smaller properties and around residential areas. The downside of trapping is they require regular maintenance. See our Rat Trap Tips for the best ways to go about it.

Bait Stations - The most effective and low maintenance way of controlling rats is the bait station. Rats don't require a high potency bait so safer 'first generation' baits are a great option. A bait station every 50m in bush blocks or anywhere there is food and water is enough to keep rat numbers near zero.

Predator control has traditionally been a laborious task but this is changing quickly. Advances in our understanding of animal behaviour, in technology, and chemistry is reducing the workload significantly.

A 5 times a year action plan is all that is required to keep on top. Every school holidays load up the traps or bait stations, and do one extra check in February. Long life lures and multi-catch traps are entering the market now, these have the potential to be effective for 6 months without maintenance!