Next Wednesday, Oct 14th, 10.00am – 1pm we will be running a Hub day with free trap and bait supplies. This is at Farrell’s Nursery, 46 Pollock Rd. We will be repeating these on a monthly basis in November on the first Wednesday of each month apart from January. It is an interesting development that is being supported by Auckland Council and the Franklin Local Board who have kindly provided funding for pest control materials. Both ourselves and Farrell’s nurseries are keen to see more plants in the ground and further pest control across the area. Hopefully we will see you next Wednesday and you can come grab a few of your favourite trees to plant at the same time.

We will have the following available for free:

  • Rat trap – Mainly plastic snap E type.
  • Possum kill Traps – Flipping Timmy’s – easy to set up out of small dog and young child range
  • Pied Piper rat bait stations
  • Mini Philproof possum/rat bait stations
  • Rat & possum bait options

If you are coming along we will also be on hand to help you set yourself up on Trap NZ, the free web and phone app that lets you track your predator control results. If you don’t have the app already on your phone, go to the app store and search for “Trap NZ” and follow the instructions. Or go to the home page on this site and click on your area on the big map, then follow the steps to join a TrapNZ project in your area. You will need to set up a user name and password to log into a project.

We will have some awesome new cage traps available after Christmas. Also we’ll keep you up to date on other Hub days across the region as they get finalised as we come out of lockdown restrictions. For instance, it looks like there will be one at Waiaua Pa on Sunday Nov 1st and also Saturday Nov 28th at Kawakawa Bay.