Martyn Wright Road Field Day Photos

Here we are at Hiedie and Brian Morgan’s house getting Instructions for the morning session and discussing the techniques to be followed. Andrew Sinclair in red jacket and Garrick McCarthy with sunglasses on his head.




Just remember where this tag is, we need to find it on Saturday!





These pictures below show the bird monitoring in progress on Bruce and Gaylene Taylor’s property. We were also enthralled with the large size of the trees on all these properties.
We thought we heard a shining cuckoo and did hear a Kaka, but both bird remained unseen. Lots of pigeons and the odd Tui.  We all know the call and appearance of a grey warbler

( sorry photo missing at present)

Thank you to all host, Heidi and Brian Morgan, Gaylene and Bruce Taylor, Mrs Rosemary Eden and the Mason family.
Competition of the week, what is the weed’s name in this photo.  Control at least three sprays with Grazon, according to Stewart from Franklin Council.
Just add your answer to the comments section below.
( this photo also missing)