IoT Sensor network

Gateway Setup

PF Franklin recommended Lora Gateway is the MIKROTIK WAP LORA9 & MIKROTIK LORA OMNI ANTENNA KIT.

This is a robust and economical setup that can service thousands of sensors up to 80km.

  1. Connect to the Lora9 via wifi (user: admin | password: [leave blank])
  2. Via QuickChange panel change the IP address to, and the range to
  3. With an ethernet cable connect the Lora9 to a internet enabled router (should have a different IP and range)
  4. On the Quick Set page, use ‘Check for updates’ to install the latest firmware (reconnect after it has rebooted.)

  1. If not present, under the LoRa > Servers tab, set the following:
Gateway server endpoint

2. Under the Devices tab configure the router

Gateway configuration

The gateway also needs to be added to the Things Network. Create a profile on the website first, then add a gateway with the following configuration: