Whiriwhiri Kaka

2020 Update: The second year running the Kaka have turned up. In 2019 it was two in Sept / Oct but this year they have turned up much earlier arriving in April with four still hanging about three months later.

2020 Four kaka by moonlight
2020 Kaka

A juvenile Kaka made himself resident at Whiriwhiri last month. The local bird population were a little bemused by this character, both the starlings and tui tried to suggest he move on but the little guy had none of it.

A few weeks later he found a mate and they’ve been entertaining each other ever since. We suspect they’re juveniles, most probably on a visit from the gulf islands.

Whiriwhiri Kaka’s new mate

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  1. The kaka were sighted last year on Whiriwhiri several times. It was in disbelief at first but perhaps if a juvenile is now resident, there could have been a nest in place last season. So cool to have them.

    1. They seem to have responded very well in other areas where rats, possums and mustelids have been removed, time will tell. Entertaining characters.

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