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    Tāwhiti – Smart Cage

    Why is everyone talking about Tāwhiti? Because the Tāwhiti Smart Cage saves you money, time, and effort, and catches many times the pests of regular kill traps. Get an email every time you catch a pest.  Check your whole trapline from your kitchen table every morning over a cup of coffee. Here's an example of the results Exclusive to Predator Free Franklin, this trap has been well proven in the field. Remove possums and rats without toxin, while also removing ferrets, stoats, weasels, hedgehogs, feral cats, and even rabbits ! Safe for non-target species such as companion cats. "Your trap is the best performer on my property so far this season" - Cam Speedy, Wildlife Management Associates Ltd How do I use a Tāwhiti? see here. It is very important to be aware of the legalities around live capture and remote monitoring!. Can I use a SmartCage near me? You will need sensor network coverage to take advantage of the remote monitoring. Check the coverage map, if not available speak to us about putting an antenna in. Trap Features:
    • Zinc plated and powder coated.
    • 1m x 0.3m x 0.3m. Wire mesh construction: 2mm wire, 15 x 40mm mesh size.
    • Triggered by centrally-placed pressure plate
    • Large double-ended entry.
    • Doors drop simultaneously on triggering.
    • 10 months of automatic lure, wireless monitoring. Integrated with TrapNZ to notify you when the trap goes off.
    What does this mean to my project? Here's the difference Tāwhiti is making at Predator Free Franklin The Tāwhiti Smart Cage effect
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