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Exclusive to Predator Free Franklin, this trap has been tested and proven in the field under Waikato conditions. It catches all these pests: ship rats, norway rats, ferrets, stoats, feral cats, possums, hedgehogs and rabbits.

This Smart Cage trap saves money, time, effort, and catch twice as many pests. Here’s an example of the results.

For detailed information on its use, see here.

Trap Features:

  • Zinc plated and powder coated.
  • 1m x 0.3m x 0.3m. Wire mesh construction: 2mm wire, 15 x 40mm mesh size.
  • Triggered by centrally-placed pressure plate
  • Large double ended entry. This has shown to improve catch rates by over 10 times.
  • Doors drop simultaneously on triggering.
  • Smart Cage functionality: 1 year automatic lure dispenser and wireless monitoring. Integrated with TrapNZ to notify you when the trap goes off.