How do I monitor my smart trap remotely?

Monitoring a smart cage with the Wheronet sensor is done via the app. Please see the following document for details.

How to monitor your smart cage

How do I move my Smart Cage?

Moving the Smart Cage in the app is very easy, instructions can be found here.

Should I put other lure in my Smart Cage?

While tempting the answer is no! The target species are all very proficient scent hunter/scavengers, they will sniff out the lure. They follow scents to the source, meaning they walk over the treadle while searching for it. Putting other lures in and around the cage means they can reach the source before standing on the treadle. If they don’t like the food source they will leave without fully entering. In human terms, if a bakery made its money from people coming to look at the food, they would do a lot better. Smart cages do a lot better because they can take advantage of the fact most animals will inspect a scent source.

How do I refill the lure?

If your smart cage has a ZIP Motolure it will need filling every 9 months. You will need a 60ml catheter tip syringe, a chopstick, and 2 minutes to watch this video: