Smart Cage – Maintenance, tips and tricks

How do I monitor my smart trap remotely? Monitoring a smart cage with the Wheronet sensor is done via the app. Please see the following document for details. How to monitor your smart cage How do I move my Smart Cage? Moving the Smart Cage in the app is very easy, instructions can […]

Smart Cage Results 2022

People are starting to use the Smart Cages across Franklin, but by far the biggest buy-in has been in Whiriwhiri. The concept was to flip the trapping game on its head, do away with walking lines, rotten animals, re-baiting, and ineffective traps. Replace all of that with high interaction multi-species traps, the type that need […]

Trail Cameras: The Unsung Heroes in Pest Control

Trail cameras are a piece of arsenal in the pest control kit that aren’t as widely used as they could be. Despite not actively trapping pests, they help identify target species and locations for more efficient trapping. Cameras also indicate the presence of species to avoid catching, such as domestic cats or pukeko who often […]

New Traps, AT220 & Flipping Timmy

New Trap An AT220 multi-kill trap – a crazy looking thing that will take out 100 possums per battery charge, re-bait itself and run 6 months or more before a service. Andy Saunders has had one in use and had success with 2 possums in 4 minutes, how’d he know that? The eTrapper sensor on […] – A How To Guide

A live map showing pests caught in your area, and where neighbouring properties are trapping so that you can space traps accordingly – wouldn’t that be the dream? The dream exists. And we, at Friends of Te Wairoa, are beginning to use it. Please accept this as an invitation to download Trap.NZ free from the […]