Tāwhiti Smart Cage – Debugging

Sensor not working?
Check you have coverage on the TTN Mapper site

Scan the QR code on the top of sensor and confirm it shows successful communication.

Note: Network coverage is not provide or guaranteed. Individuals and communities are free to – and encouraged to – add and share coverage.

Run out of mayo?

Removing the mayonnaise syringe is easy, but a real wind up. Grab a long bolt and a cordless drill to save yourself some time.

ZIP Motolure not working?

Find a decent magnet, or use the magnet on the sensor end door. Run it past the bottom rear edge as shown.
If the motor doesn’t spin, there is a fault or the battery is dead.
Place a piece of tape over the drive lug. Leave the unit over night. The lug should turn 1/4 turn once per day.