Why does a pest walk into a trap?

Some people spend hours talking about this or that secret wonder-lure they use, but actually it’s very simple – A pest must feel comfortable about going into a trap, or it won’t do it.

A lot of traps out there are a single-entrance box type – there is only one way in or out. Pests (and mustelids in particular) are wary animals and they don’t like going into enclosed spaces with only one way out. They have to be pretty hungry to go into a single-entrance box. Whereas if a trap doesn’t look like a trap from a pests-eye view – if it looks like a big open tunnel with a clear exit, they won’t think twice about going in, and will even pop through out of idle curiosity if they can smell another pest was in there recently.

To prove this isn’t just a load of waffle, here is our very own “trap supercut” showing pests walking into our double-ended cage traps all across Franklin. Enjoy!

Our Tāwhiti trap is based on a double-ended trap for this very reason. So now you know: To max your pest catch, go double-ended!