Lucky old Waiuku has multiple projects going on.

The Mudlarks are busy helping shore birds all along the edges of the estuaries, but re-invasion from nearby residential properties means that rats, possums and mustelids just keep coming. If you live near the water, or have a boat house, give them a hand. Put out a bait station and some traps, join the project and map your gear and catches.

Meanwhile, Sustainable Waiuku is on a mission to champion sustainable lifestyles, organisations and enterprises, so predator trapping falls squarely on their radar.
Contact them by phone: Richard Parsons – 021506017
Or via their Facebook page.

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Map your traps and bait stations and keep records

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  2. Because there’s so much community activity, there are multiple projects for the Waiuku area, so join the closest one to you.
    Waiuku South Project
    Waiuku West Project
    Waiuku East Project
  3. Install the app

Use the app to map your traps and bait stations and to keep records of when they’re rebaited and when captures happen. Watching the App Help videos is the best way to get started.