Waiuku has a few projects underway. The Mudlarks are busy protecting the shore birds along the edges of the estuaries, they need help though! Re-invasion from residential properties means the rats, possums and mustelids keep coming. To help them out put a bait station out and some traps, join the project and map your gear!

To get involved please subscribe to the newsletter, that will keep you in the loop for hub days etc. Also join the trap.nz project for your area.

For more details:

Get Involved

  1. Subscribe to the project newsletter.

Map your traps and bait stations and keep records

  1. Register on Trap.nz
  2. Join a Waiuku project:
    Waiuku South Project
    Waiuku West Project
  3. Install the Trap.nz app

Use the app to map your traps and bait stations and to keep records of when they’re rebaited and when captures happen. Watching the App Help videos is the best way to get started.