There is already a lot happening across the country and locally. It turns out a lot of people care a whole awful lot, we’re only now getting the connections, the knowledge, the technology, and the funding to make a change.

For those lucky enough to live in areas with active projects the best thing to do is to subscribe to their newsletters, you’ll then be updated on progress, meetings, Trap & Bait Hub days, etc. For those who don’t have an active area, think about setting one up, subscribe to your areas newsletter and get updated when something kicks off. These are all community lead projects, friends, neighbours, previous strangers, all doing their bit.

Speak to your neighbours! Pests don’t respect boundaries, they like all ethnicities, they have no gender bias. The neighbours pest’s are your pest’s. Nearly all successful predator control projects have started with a neighbour working with a neighbour.

First things first though, set a trap, put a bait station out, get some chew cards or a tracking tunnel and check out our FAQ’s for how to use them. Oh and don’t forget to do a few bird counts before you start, in a few years time you can see how bad things were and how well you’ve done.