Pest control Hub Day – Waiuku Zero Waste, 28 May

Come to Waiuku Zero Waste at 5 Hosking Place, Waiuku for our second-ever Sustainable Waiuku pest hub day. Free trap and bait options available to suit every household, lifestyle block or farm, along with friendly advice and best trapping tips. There’s no cost to attend & no prior pest control experience is required. Tell your neighbours to come too, because if you’re all doing pest control together, you’ll see the difference much faster.

Pest control supplies that will be available include:

  • “Double Tap” rat and possum block bait. 2kg plastic pails.
  • “Pestoff” rat and possum pellet bait. 10kg bags. Doesn’t keep forever, so get just one and share it with your neighbours.
  • Rat traps – various kinds including “Snap-e”, “Victor” and “T-Rex” Use at 4 stations per hectare at 50m spacing, plus in outbuildings.
  • Possum traps – “Flipping Timmy”, easy to set, works out of reach of dogs and kids. 1 trap per hectare.
  • Pied Piper rat bait stations – No bait can fall out. Protects bait from pets and rain. Use at 4 per hectare at 50m spacing, plus in outbuildings.
  • Philproof possum/rat bait stations – The most effective pest control for larger blocks. 1 per hectare for possums, or 4 per hectare for rats.
  • Connovation “Blue” and “Eggsellent” lures for attracting possums, rodents and mustelids into traps.

Also demonstrations of the free Trap.NZ app – log your pest kills using your phone, ipad or computer, track your kills and see if you’re beating the neighbours or not.
To find us go up the long drive at the end of the Hosking place cul-de-sac to the parking area in front of the Waiuku Zero Waste building. We’ll be inside if it’s raining.
See you there!

The event is finished.



May 28 2022


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Waiuku Zero Waste


Sue Wallis
09 2358 413

Other Organizers

Richard Parsons
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