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Otaua Bait and Trap Evening (hosted by Predator Free Whiriwhiri)

UPCOMING EVENT: Otaua Bait & Trap Information Evening
Wednesday 8th February, 6.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m
Otaua Memorial Bowling Club, 36 Maioro Road, Waiuku

Want to get rid of rats, push off possums, and flatten ferrets on your land?  Come along to our free pest control event at Otaua to learn how. Hear from locals already having success and connect with others in the community for advice, supplies and updates on the progress we are making towards Predator Free 2050 in our area.

We will have local volunteers on-hand to answers your questions, and advise you on how to best tackle pests on your property. This is a drop-in session.

The following pest control supplies will be available:

• “Double Tap” rat and possum block bait in plastic pails.
• “Pestoff” rat and possum pellet bait.
• Rat traps – Use at 4 stations per hectare at 50m spacing, plus in outbuildings.
• Possum traps – “Flipping Timmy”, easy to set, works out of reach of dogs and kids. 1 trap per hectare.
• Pied Piper rat bait stations – No bait can fall out. Protects bait from pets and rain. Use at 4 stations per hectare at 50m spacing, plus in outbuildings.
• White Philproof possum/rat bait stations – The most effective pest control for larger blocks. 1 per hectare for possums, or 4 per hectare for rats.

In return for this free equipment, we ask that you register up on the trap.nz app – log your pest kills using your phone, ipad or computer, track your kills and see if you’re beating the neighbours! Download it from your phone’s app store for free, or go to the Predator Free Franklin home page and click on your area on the map, then follow the steps to join your local TrapNZ project. Or we can set you up on the day!

BONUS!  A demonstration model of the latest smart cage trap – targets multiple pests, and emails you when it catches one (not free, but can be ordered from us).

Predator Free Whiriwhiri thrives by fostering community relationships, working together and using technology and smart trapping technique effectively. If you would like to be more involved in the Predator Free movement, we are always looking for wider support and volunteers who can help out in different ways, other than just trapping on your property. Come along and have a chat!

Can’t make the event ? Email accounts@tearahikoi.nz to discuss your property needs and we will arrange an alternative equipment collection.

The event is finished.


Feb 08 2023


Drop in anytime between 630 and 730pm
6:30 am - 7:30 pm


Otaua Bowling Club Hall
36 Maioro Road, Waiuku 2683
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