Predator Free Franklin are looking for a co-ordinator to support community groups doing predator control on the Western side of Franklin and optimise predator control across the region.

This is a paid position up to 20 hours per month. We are seeking a resident (or future resident) of Western Franklin, with website and social media skills and a desire to learn best practise predator control methods.

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“Te Ara Hīkoi aims to make sustainable native biodiversity gains in the wider Franklin area by empowering and motivating community groups who share our kaupapa to coordinate local initiatives, and by providing training and employment opportunities in conservation for local residents, especially mana whenua.”

Te Ara Hīkoi is a relatively new organisation, which has been established by existing landcare groups, iwi, and central and local government agencies working in the Franklin area to strengthen local community biodiversity initiatives. The major driver behind the establishment of the organisation is to coordinate community-led predator control efforts in the Franklin area and parts of North Waikato. The three significant landcare groups in the area (Friends of Te Wairoa, Whakaupoko Landcare and Āwhitu Landcare) and local iwi have been collaborating very successfully with predator control programs over the past 4 years, and these efforts were recognised with a mayoral conservation award for collaboration, and a Jobs for Nature grant which enables the organisation to train and employ a team to perform pest control on high biodiversity sites in the region. Te Ara Hīkoi is open to supporting any local organisation sharing the same kaupapa. It is widely supported by Auckland and Waikato Regional Councils, DoC, local iwi, and numerous community groups with whom it interacts.

Te Ara Hīkoi has been established to generally enhance biodiversity, but current efforts are focussed on predator control initiatives. Residents of Franklin are encouraged to develop predator control programs on their properties through community-led events (Bait and Trap days) which involve education and then the supply of bait and traps to participants. Participants are kept up to date and motivated through a variety of channels. Uptake has been very strong and currently approximately 15-20 % of residences are enrolled in the program.

Technology is an important component of the program with the use of Trap NZ software and ongoing development and trial of smart connected traps and associated aerial networks.

The role

The role has two main components.

The first is to stimulate community predator control efforts in Franklin, to the west of the Southern motorway. This involves supporting existing community groups to continue their efforts, identifying groups in unsupported areas to undertake predator control initiatives, and supporting them to do so using techniques that have been successful in other local communities. Local community organisations are empowered to help members start predator control programs on their properties. The coordinator will work with existing organisations to increase the numbers of participants and will focus in areas where there is little current coverage. There will be emphasis on working with properties which include areas designated as BFA’s or SNA’s, and coordinating with a team of JFN trappers.

The second aim of this role is to ensure the processes employed by Te Ara Hīkoi run efficiently. In order for Te Ara Hīkoi to support other organisations, the maintenance of the Predator Free Franklin website is key. This is a central source of information, resources, news, schedules of events, and information about local community groups. It is widely used and is the public face of Te Ara Hīkoi. The website contains a database of participants in the program which requires frequent updating as numbers grow, and is used to send regular newsletter updates on Predator Free Franklin activity. 

The coordinator would be expected to attend regular meetings and contribute to regular reports on outcomes.

There is a significant component of collaboration and communication required in the role. Te Ara Hīkoi is very highly networked in the community and the coordinator supports the community organisations we work with, and also interacts with local and central government organisations, local businesses, vendors such as Trap.NZ, schools, and individuals.

The Coordinator will be supported and supervised by the Eastern Coordinator, and by community coordinators working for CREST. This is a paid position – with the Coordinator contracting their services to Te Ara Hīkoi on a self-employed basis.

Position details

PositionWestern Coordinator
Position OverviewCoordinate the existing community groups doing predator control on the Western side of Franklin and optimise predator control across the region, with a focus on protecting high biodiversity areas and reaching unsupported communities, alongside maintaining the Predator Free Franklin website.
What they would be doingCommunity Group Coordination Work with community groups to maximise effectiveness of predator control initiativesOrganise bait and trap eventsArrange ongoing equipment and bait suppliesTroubleshootingOrganise regular communications with participantsMaintain database and records   Website Development and Maintenance Review, maintain and continue to improve the functionality of the website   Collaboration Maintain regular communications with program participantsMaintain central database and recordsInteract with outside organisations including local government bodies, sponsors and other funders.   Administration Manage incoming communicationsAttend regular management meetingsContribute a monthly report on activity, as well as reports to funders
Specific skills / knowledge requiredGreat people skills – personable, an active listener Organisational skills – Self-motivated and enthusiasticComputer skills – website management experience is idealFamiliarity with Trap NZ software and app. Familiarity with best practice trapping methods, or a desire to learnCurrent drivers licenseLives within the Western Franklin District, or an affinity with the area or intent to become a resident
Proposed hours20 hours per month
Hourly rate$35/hour
Position annuityMaximum of $9000 Milage will be paid at 95c/km up to $1000 annually

Further information

Glenn Richards

Trustee – Te Ara Hīkoi

021 930 119