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Predator Free Franklin are looking for a co-ordinator to support community groups doing predator control on the Western side of Franklin and optimise predator control across the region. This is a paid position up to 20 hours per month. We are seeking a resident (or future resident) of Western Franklin, with website and social media […]

WATCH: “What Schools Can Do Towards Predator-Free NZ 2050” – Otaua Rat Rangers

Pestival Webinar Replay: The Otaua Rat Rangers (at Otaua Primary School) are a great example of how we can get the next generation onboard with the vision and goal of a Predator-Free NZ by 2050. After all, it’s these kids who are going to have to keep the momentum going as they grow up over […]

WATCH: “Predator Control from Farmers’ Perspectives & Getting the Wider Community Involved” – Andy Saunders, Jenny Goodwright & Stu Muir

Pestival Webinar Replay: Getting farmers on board towards a Predator-Free 2050 is crucial. They own the big important chunks of land, so to succeed we have to work to evolve predator control methods that will work and be sustainable for them. In this video meet Whiriwhiri locals Andy Saunders and Jenny Goodwright, and Aka Aka […]

WATCH: “Reaching the Point of Zero-Observable Predators” – Paul Arthur & Cam Boxall, The C.R.E.S.T

Pestival Webinar Replay: Paul Arthur & Cam Boxall have getting on top of predators down to a fine art. Their technique of choosing a good location, then going hard in that one location, using the technology that is available to them (cameras and smart cages), means that they can get areas down to ‘Zero-Observable Predators’, […]

WATCH: “Mātauranga – Predator Control from a Te Ao Maori Perspective” – Tame Malcolm

Pestival Webinar Replay: Tame Malcolm learned a lot of bush law from his dad, my mum, my aunties, uncles, cousins, right from a young age and knew he wanted to be involved in protecting the ngahere in some way, shape or form. And that’s exactly what he does. In this video, he discusses how he […]

WATCH: “Recovering Native Bird Species – How to make a difference by starting on your own property” – Lenny & Willow van Heugten

Pestival Webinar Replay: Hear from Lenny and Willow van Heugten about the Kōkako Management Area in the Hunua Ranges, and how local Hunua residents can contribute to the success of this programme by taking steps to control predators on their properties. Be inspired, and learn about the options you have for predator control on your […]

WATCH: “Helping our Native Bat Species Thrive” – Ben Paris, New Zealand’s Batman

Pestival Webinar Replay: “Even though the New Zealand Long Tail Bat won Bird of the Year in 2021, the profile of our New Zealand native bats is, really, really low compared to our native bird species. The biggest challenge is trying to just get people to be more aware of our bats.” New Zealand used […]

WATCH: “Predator Control in Urban Areas” – Emma Wilson, Beautification Trust

Pestival Webinar Replay: Predator control is not just a rural problem, pests have no boundaries and are also a big problem in our urban areas. It doesn’t matter how much effort our farmers and rural landowners put in, we won’t successfully get to Predator-Free New Zealand by 2050 if we don’t all play our part, […]

WATCH: “How Planting and Predator Control go Hand-in-Hand” – Āwhitu Peninsula Landcare

Pestival Webinar Replay: Āwhitu Landcare is one of the oldest Landcare groups in New Zealand. Started over 30 years ago by a group of local farmers concerned about the sheer number of possums on the peninsula that were killing off the Pōhutukawa trees, among others. Today we hear from Nicky Reynold about the Te Korowai […]

WATCH: “Using Technology to Trap Smarter, Not Harder” – Andy Saunders

Pestival Webinar Replay: “In my opinion, Predator-Free 2050, for it to be successful, we need tools that don’t burn the community’s energy and trust. And the old school way of trapping with the kill traps, I think does burn energy. It’s tools like the Tāwhiti Smart Cages that are going to help us get there. […]