In 2018 a Pestival event was held at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. It was a chance for like minded folk and organisations to get together in a big room to share their stories and ideas. It grabbed a lot of attention and was generally very successful, a second event was called for. Now the Aotea Centre isn’t so convenient for Franklin folk so we said hey lets run one down our way, cue the ‘Franklin’ Pestival 2019.

Like all the good things in life it’s free! Franklin Pestival Registration

At Pestival you will:

  • meet like-minded people and hear how other landowners are nurturing native plants and animals on their properties
  • showcase community-led conservation activity
  • join the dots – find out what else is going on in your back yards and who’s doing it
    troubleshoot trap lines and other pesty problems
  • find out the latest on conservation community hubs

The pestival programme is designed by members of your own community and is a mix of presentations and discussions by environmental groups, mana whenua and agencies.

If you’d like to attend the Franklin Pestival 2019, please click the button above to complete your registration.

Registrations close:
Franklin Pestival – Friday 21 June

See you there!