Stu Muir has had two corporate days to help plant over 2000 native trees. Regenerating miro matai and rimu as a seed source for the district, as well as a dozen other native species. Confirmed tomtits are thriving on Pakau across the river and have done 3 refills of bait stations up there. This is most encouraging to have another native bird species so close to our area.

There has been a great response from duck shooters and whitebaiters regarding bait days for the river with servicing some of the 1200 bait stations on the islands and river edge. There will be another hit in July just before whitebait season. Bait and other pest supplies are also being distributed to people living on the river during whitebaiting.

Tawera Nikau visited to discuss koi carp control and put in an application for 200k with pest free nz to look at developing koi carp as a lure for mustelids. Hosting Ngati te Ata Tamariki day on Sunday to reconnect to the awa and share matauranga Maori about flora and fauna, importance of pest control and restoration of wetlands / Bush blocks etc.

Stu comments that weasels and stoats are still being trapped along the river where uncontrolled they are prolific in this type of environment and highly destructive. Stu is developing a proposal to Young Farmers NZ via a role as director on Donald Pearson’s farm to engage them and Manurewa High School in restoration and pest control.  There has been a pledge from trees that count to do their planting. ( Hunua).

Below is a picture with no explanation. Some thoughts were that it was the latest in fishing techniques to scoop ‘the big one’. Others are thinking it may be to do with creating channels for whitebait restoration areas and suitable areas for revegetation.

Digging the Waikato