Otaua School Sign

After a lot of hard work over the last few years Otaua School was last week awarded Silver status as an Enviro School. The significance of this was highlighted by the those in attendance, two Waikato Region Councillors and the Mayor himself.

From composting, to large scale vegetable production, a Trees for Survival nursery and the infamous Rat Rangers, the school has a lot going on. What is extra special is the number of children and parents involved. There is an evident and welcome shift in thinking within this next generation.

The Rat Rangers capped off an impressive year with over 50 rats removed from the school grounds. That is a serious eye opener considering rat’s hadn’t presented themselves as an obvious problem.

After a trip to Tiritiri Matangi in October where the Ranger’s witnessed how different NZ is in the absence of rats, the removal of 50 rats and the difference that will make in Otaua became very apparent.

The Rat Rangers Excellent work is fed into our Action Map for all to see.

Keep up the excellent work Otaua School, Gold level next !!

Silver Enviro Award

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